About Us

The cannabis industry in the US is going through rapid changes. As state and federal cannabis laws continue to evolve — we’re here to help make the journey to compliance a bit easier. Our battle-tested templates provide a simple starting point for developing good manufacturing practices tailored to the needs of your cannabis business

We’re on a mission to simplify cannabis compliance for manufacturers large and small, so that you can spend more time making high quality medicinal and recreational products that change the world. 

We are the makers of Atlas gXp, an online platform built to modernize quality management for regulated manufacturers. Our software provides unparalleled visibility for compliance processes; ensuring every employee follows mandatory procedures, every time a task is performed. Atlas GxP also helps manufacturers quickly address regulatory compliance challenges, manage documents, organize policies, and mitigate costly issues like product recalls or unusable product batches.

Our growing team of motivated scientists, designers, engineers, and partners share a common vision of striving for excellence in cannabis and building better quality standards for the marijuana industry.